About Us

Our vision is to create a sustainable world for future generations

RRCT is established in the memory of our Grand Father Sri. Rajaneni Ramanaidu Garu

Rajaneni Sreenivasulu,Founder and President

Mr. Srinivas is a humble, principled, vision oriented and one of the leading charted accountant. RRCT is the vision turned in to mission with various service activities on place by Mr. Srinivas setting example to younger generations. He is a true inspirer, motivator for many people and lending his generous hand continuously for Blind school children since 3 years.

Rajaneni Ramu, Organizer and Event Executor

Mr. Ramu, Working in Co-Operative Bank- Gudur,AP since 1999, is active organiser of RRCT. He being government employee has proven managerial and organisational skills. Having participated in various service activities in the surrounding villages, became supportive partner in the implementation process of RRCT.

Rajaneni Syam Prasad, Trustee

Mr. Syam Prasad, Working in Private Company- Banglore, is active Trustee of RRCT. He is Creative Thinker, Explorer, one of the lead organisers in RRCT.

Rajaneni Venkat,IT Head and Trustie

Mr.Venkat, S/W Engineer Working for a leading software company in Hyderabad is IT Head for RRCT. He is Creative Thinker, Explorer, one of the lead organisers and is involved in the designing and managing Web Portal of RRCT.

Rajaneni Srinath, Trustie and Active Participant

Mr.Srinath, Completed MCA and looking for IT job is on of the Trustie for RRCT. he is Calm, Composed, Compassionate individual involved in programme planning and implementation of various activities in RRCT.